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All our beauty therapists are professionally trained by Sothys Paris.

Glysalac Professional Treatment

Bringing instant radiance and smoothing, this treatment is formulated with high potency Glysalac & Salicylic acid for an intensive skin peeling in professional protocol to ensure maximum benefits.

Hydra3HA treatment

Hyaluronic acid has the incredible capacity to hold 1000x it's own weight in water like a "sponge". It contributes to the density, cohesion, moisture and elasticity of the skin and supports collagen and elastin fibres

Sensitive skin treatment

Discover the efficiency of this professional institute treatment with our Sothys beauty therapists. The ultra gentle textures of this treatment have been formulated to respect the sensitivity of your skin


Seasonal Treatment

Every year Sothys releases two professional treatments. Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. with innovative formulas attuned to the seasonal needs of the skin. a cocktail of minerals is added to the winter formula to protect and strengthen the skin. Additional vitamins are added in summer to assist the repair process.

Ampoule therapy treatment

Specialised Ampoule therapy facial treatment is a 100% customised to reveal and keep the skin beautiful. Sothys professional,  only Ampoule serum deliver the most powerful actives possible. Adopted to skin needs to address the concerns  of  various skin conditions. the skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant.

Salicilic acid professional peel 

A level two peel to focus on unclogging oil-congested skin prone to acne. It refines, opens spores and brightens skin with hyper pigmentation tendencies. Suitable for most skin types and beneficial for past acne scarring.

Deep cleansing treatment

Deep pore cleansing facial includes cleansing steam, exfoliation, facial mask. Once the skin is exfoliated and pores are open, we will extract and remove the blackheads from the pores.

Eye contour treatment

Refreshing, decongesting and protective. Designed specifically to combat the ageing of the eye contour. Incorporating specific message movements with the latest technologically active ingredients to assist in the alleviation of visible signs of ageing.

Youth treatment

Seventy five minutes of ultimate relaxation for visibly younger looking skin with clinical tests showing up to 6 years off the age of the skin following the recommended 3 treatment course.