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View our treatment pre care tips and aftercare advice for waxing and micro blading below. 


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  • Waxing Pre and Post Care Tips

    1. Exfoliate a few days before waxing and in between waxing services to remove dead skin cells and minimize the chance of getting ingrown hairs or bumps as the new hair grows.

    2. Use sunscreen daily to protect sensitive skin.

    3. Moisturize skin after waxing treatments to help replenish skin’s moisture barrier.

    4. Grow hair to at least a ¼-inch, and don’t shave before waxing.

    5. Book a return visit every three to four weeks to lessen the pain associated with hair removal.

    6. Wait at least 24 hours before swimming, or sunbathing if waxed in the bikini area.

    7. Exfoliate the waxing area, a few days before waxing.

  • Microblading Pre and Post Care Tips

    What does the Microblading healing process day by day look like?

    Days 1 and 2

    Your eyebrows are swollen and there is redness around them. The area is tender to the touch. The strokes may look dark and thick and you might feel that this was a bad idea. But don’t panic, trust the process. The colour will change into the desired outcome. Brows will become 40% – 60% lighter once the microblading healing process ends. Follow the microblading aftercare instructions religiously. Avoid getting your brows wet, don’t apply any make up, cleansers, moisturisers on your eyebrow area. Try not to sleep on your new brows for the first week. Avoid extensive sweating, swimming pools, saunas and exposure to the sun.

    Days 3 and 4

    Your brows will look better, and you will be getting used to having a fuller brow by now. You are getting used to not having to fill them in with pencil or brow make-up morning now. They are still dark, but will slowly start to fade from now.

    Days 5 – 8

    Somewhere around these days, the flaking stage begins. The microbladed area may become itchy.

    To relieve this, gently pat your brows (not scratch) the healing has begun! If you scratch, this can take your microbladed, hairstrokes off, and leave you with patches, so definitely no scratching! Some people’s skin flakes extensively, while others barely have any flaking at all. The pigment has been delicately inserted, very shallow into the skin (basal level of the epidermis). It does not go as deep as a traditional needled tattoo.

    Days 9 and 10

    The flaking should be finished by now. Remember everybody heals differently. Some brows heal faster, some take more time. It depends on your age, skin type, overall health, and daily routine and lifestyle. You may think that your skin is rejecting the pigment, but this is usually not the case. After all the flaking, your brows are still recovering. Now they are lighter and possibly patchy. You might notice the baby skin beneath the flaking, and the microblading looks unnaturally light – don’t worry, it will blend and darken within a few days. By this time, if you have some patches that your conscious about, a little brow make-up is ok to cover these patches until its time for your touch up appointment.

    Once your skin feels smooth and back to normal (which will vary anywhere from day 7 – 9). Remember, this will vary depending on skin types, age, lifestyle etc……. everybody heals differently!

    Days 11 – 28

    The hardest period is now behind you, and your microblading recovery is over. Your Microbladed brows are taking their final shape. They might look patchy, but some Microbladed strokes will re-appear. This is still not quite the end of the healing process, but you have healed enough now, to go swimming, wash your entire face, apply skin care and brow make-up (if needed). You will feel excited because the final look of your brows is just around the corner. You are also relieved because all the flaking is over. The skin of the treated area is not so sensitive anymore, and your new brows are taking shape.

    Touch up appointment:

    Your touch up appointment is just as important as your first procedure!

    During this appointment, your artist will Microblade completely over your brows again, Microblading over the top of your existing hair strokes. The healing process and aftercare is exactly the same as your first procedure. Difference is… your microblading will not fade anywhere near as much as your first treatment (20-40%) The skin is now more resilient and accepting of the Microblading. You will need your annual touch up anywhere from 8 – 18 months.


    Bepanthen will be your best friend and new handbag accessory! It is important to keep your brows

    moist with a thin coating of Bepanthen (all the time) for at least 7 days. Apply with clean fingers, not a cotton tip, as this is too abrasive. Never let them dry out, this is very important! When you shower, apply a thick coating of Bepanthen on your brow area, this will help repel the water. Avoid putting your face under the shower rose, but still gently wash your face (not your brows). After 4 days, you will feel a ‘sandy’ texture when applying your Bepanthen. Just be gentle when applying. This will only last a few days.

    Continue this process for 7 – 10 days, and remember do your best to keep them dry, but most of all,

    ENJOY your new Brows.

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